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Element Equipment Lightweight Trekking Poles by 1 Pair Premium Quality Quick Lock Carbon Fiber 3000 Weave Collapsible Ultralight Hiking & Walking Sticks - Storage Bag, Carry Bag, Mud, Powder Baskets

  • Carbon Fiber 3000 Weave
  • PREMIUM AND STRONG QUALITY - Our carbon fiber trekking poles are built with quality 100% Carbon Fiber 3000 Weave material - These high quality hiking and walking poles are suitable for everyone and will not let you down. If you’re looking for a lightweight trekking pole that is ultralight and compact by design, look no further!
  • ULTRALIGHT & COMPACT POLES - Only 6.3 oz per pole - We provide walkers, hikers, backpackers, campers, and people who enjoy the outdoors with the best option for a lightweight and durable pole. Whether you are going camping in the woods or in the country, you will be impressed with the lightness of the hiking sticks.
  • IMPROVE BALANCE, POWER, AND STABILITY - If you’re the type of person who likes taking daily walks and going on hiking excursions, trekking poles can help to decrease the stress on your back, feet, legs, and knees. When you’re carrying a heavy camping backpack or walking down a steep hill, you can rely on these trekking poles to provide extra stability and help you stay fresher for longer.
  • QUICK LOCK AND EXTENDABLE/COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN - The easy to use quick lock feature will support you during all your outdoor adventures. You can adjust the pole height to 53 inches or collapse it to a small 25 inches for easy storage. We also include a storage bag with a carry strap, and mud and powder baskets to keep your pole from sinking too deep into softer surfaces.
  • COMFORTABLE FOAM GRIP - Our lightweight and comfortable padded grips on the poles allow you to have a firm and sturdy grip when you’re walking on trails. We created the perfect balance of cushion, grip and durability to help lower the vibration of your steps, allowing you to enjoy your walk. The adjustable and smooth woven strap supports your wrist for a comfy feel.

Product description



Carbon Fiber Trekking and Walking Poles. Are you preparing for your camping holiday? Looking to go on a walking excursion and need reliable, high-quality trekking poles to pack with you? Well, now you can choose quality poles for your next adventure. We know there are tons of choices in the market for walking sticks, and you need quality material to last you every step of the way.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber

If you’re looking for an ultralight solution for your next outdoor adventure, carbon fiber is an ideal choice because of it is light in weight. We have engineered our poles to be strong and light while providing extra traction and easing the stress on your joints while on the trail. If you’re looking to pack lightly for a big trip, choosing a pair of carbon fiber trekking poles is an ideal solution.

Improve Balance and Stability

Element Equipment Trekking poles will help to secure your footing and are perfect for hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, snowshoeing, walking, climbing, and all outdoor adventure travel. The carbon fiber composite allows for ultralight poles that will reduce the vibration of your steps and retain strength over a wide range of temperatures.

Long Lasting and Durable

We source the highest quality material to create the best trekking sticks. The soft yet firm foam grips conform to the shape of your hands, allowing the trekking poles to feel like natural extensions of your arms. These poles are comfortable for all-day use on the trail.

Compact and Collapsible

The adjustable shafts make the walking poles highly versatile. Their height can go from 25 inches to 53 inches, and once you have reached the desired pole height, you can lock the poles safely in place with the quick lock feature so that they become a reliable support for trekkers. Our hiking poles come with their own storage bag and can fit in a camping bag for easy transport.

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